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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Owl Shower

A few weekends back my cousin had her baby shower.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity 
to help out in the planning.

My role was mostly to make the center pieces.

The shower was owl themed,
and I sure do love anything owls.

Roly Poly even had an owl birthday at the end of July
which I have yet to share.
I promise it will come eventually.

Anyway, here's a glimpse at the little projects that 
I put together for the shower.

For the centerpieces I wanted something a bit whimsical
like candy bouquets.

I purchased rock candy in pink and yellow, 
strawberry milk shake whoppers, lemon heads,
Giant pixie sticks to turn into pin wheels, 
and mini whirly pop lollipops.

Here is the result.

Each pinwheel was made from custom paper 
that my friend from Bella Artista 
designed specially for me.
I then hand sewed the pinwheels closed using
 vintage buttons for the centers.

I love how they look spread across the tables in the restaurant.

My aunt scattered pink and green swirly candy sticks 
and kisses on the tables, 
as well as confetti with the babies name.

In addition to all of this,
we placed paper straws in pink and yellow at each place setting.
You can see them in the photos above.
Each has its own mini pinwheel.

Here is a closer look.

I loved using these special straws in my drink.
I used tiny brads to hold the pinwheels together. 
Then I took the clear mini hair rubber bands 
and wrapped one twice around each straw.
I slipped each prong through one loop of the rubber band.

Buzz Lightyear liked them too.

The final project that I made was also part of my gift.
When Bella Artista created the invitations and the paper,
I also requested that she make a sign with the babies name.
It is RIDICULOUSLY cute!!!

I had it matted and framed.
We set it out at the shower and
decorated it with a mini-pinwheel garland from the matching paper.
I also laid a chain garland in front of it.

Okay, so that is all the fun stuff 
I got to gift to my cousin and her shower. 
It was such a blessing to work on this event.

Now, I want to show you some of the 
other lovelies that were there,
like the cupcakes and cake.

My cousins MIL made these. 
I loe when everything matches so perfectly.

So does Roly Poly who enjoyed the shower 
and the candy that I let him eat while there.

He can't wait for his new baby cousin to arrive.

Aren't baby showers so much fun,
especially when there are no games.

If you would like to check out this paper design 
or any other please visit my friend Melissa
from Bella Artista on Facebook and ETSY.


  1. Oh how I love little owls! This looks like such a great baby shower!! I am with you--baby showers are always so much fun! :)

  2. p.s. Snazzy blog you have here! :)

  3. What a fabulous shower! I love all the darling touches - especially the framed name print for the baby's room. Who doesn't love adorable owls?! Thanks for linking this up to Fab Friday.

    Warmly, Michelle


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