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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stolen Book Shower

Over the weekend I hosted a cute little shower at my house.
It was nice and intimate. 

My friend is planning on cloth diapering,
so instead of doing a diaper raffle 
we decided to do a book raffle; 
you know bring a book for the baby 
and get a ticket for the raffle.

The idea for this shower originated from 
I did use her invitations.
They were easily customized.

I also adopted some of the decor ideas as best I could,
like using Golden Books for table decor 
and candies in jars.

Some of the other fun ideas that we used 
for the shower were also stolen 
from some of my favorite places in Blogland,
as well as some cool stuff from Pinterest.

For the favors, which also served as our only other prize game,
we created these cute gumball necklaces using 
the tutorial from Jamie Lynn 

We kept them in this little jar on the table 
until each lady was able to grab one. 

One of the necklaces had a pink gumball.
The person who grabbed that one got a prize.

I also created this Golden Book garland from something 
that I pinned on Pinterest.

It was easy to make, 
and it would look super cute over a reading area 
in a play room or kids bedroom.

For some extra touches I carried through 
the theme of yellow and blue 
by wrapping my thrifted serving tower in bright blue argyle paper,

laying down some yellow houndstooth fabric as a runner, 
and using lots of fun yellow candies and serve ware.

The cupcakes above were made combining this banana malted crunch recipe and this peanut butter butter cream recipe. 
Both are from InsideBruCrewLife.

I also made this center piece 
which was inspired by a different pin.

Overall the shower was fun and simple. 
I like having a less people because 
it allows for a less stressful party for everyone.

My helper, the mom to be, and Me sporting my very own gumball necklace.

For more cute ideas that I had lined up for this shower but didn't get to, you can visit my Shower board.


  1. I love showers of all kinds. This one looks like it was so much fun. I agree with you about smaller ones, too. I love the gumball necklaces.

  2. You did a great job with the shower. Like the colors!

  3. What a wonderful friend you are! This was such an adorable shower. I bet the Mamma to be was so excited


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