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Friday, September 2, 2011

{Found Friday} Vintage Vestiges

Welcome to the first Found Friday.
This will be a recurring event that will 
alternate with Frugal Friday,
mostly because sometimes I have a great find 
that is not necessarily frugal.

Thus, I thought it would be a great idea to share those things with you as well.
I mean who doesn't love a great find, 
no matter the price.

So, for this first Found Friday I am going to share with you a menagerie 
of super awesome vintage items I have picked up 
at the local thrift and antique stores 
since this past January.

They are also a few pieces that were hiding in my garage. 
I will share more back story when we get to them.

Let's go by room.


Vintage Fan

This fan is AWESOME.
Not only is the color superb, but it works.
I mean slice 'em dice 'em, cut your fingers off works!!!
That is why it is at the top of a 6 foot bookcase.

I picked this up at the local antique shop for $25.
I thought it was a reasonable price,
especially since it worked.

I had eyed it for a few weeks, 
and when I finally decided to go for it I was so glad that it was still there.

Sometimes things aren't always there when you wait.

Also in this room is my antique bottle collection.

This is a collection that has been sitting on a shelf
 in my garage for about 4 or 5 years.
My husband dug all of these up on a job site;
so they were FREE.

The green vase was my great grandmother's

I love the colors.

I love the patinas on the lids.

One is even stuffed full of dirt.

There are pharmacy bottles,
a clorox bottle 
(that's the big brown one),
and other miscellaneous bottles.


When I first put them on this shelf they didn't stand out, 
so I cut some bright yellow scrapbook paper and slid it behind the shelf.
It totally did the trick.

I recently added a new bottle to this collection.

I sorta think that this photo would make a good print.
Whatcha think?

I picked up this gorgeous Vaseline bottle at the thrift for $3.
I love how old glass has a rainbow hue to it.
The rusty lid is also a favorite of mine.

There were two of these, but I just grabbed one.
If the other is still there when I go back 
I will grab it and  list it in my ETSY shop.

Now moving on to the next room.

Formal Living Room

I grabbed this great Singer Sewing machine at my thrift store for $25.

I had been eyeing one at the antique store for a LONG time, 
but when I went to get it 
it was no longer there.

I knew that our thrift store had acquired an entire collection,
but they were WAY over priced for a very ling time. 
I mean like $90.
They are not worth that.

I thought $25 was fair.
It came with the cord.
When the guy plugged it in at the register he caused the light bulb to burst.
Do the electrical works, but it is missing some things
like the bobbin casing.
It is actually part of a table with a knee peddle,
so I can't really use.

However, I did find out that my grandma's sewing table 
at my mom's house
used to house the same machine and had the knee peddle.

Unfortunately my grandmother must've 
taken it off some time in the past.
Oh well, I had a minute glimmer of hope for a second.

I will eventually get the table anyway,
but for now it is displayed in my formal living room next to 
my wedding bouquet and some wooden toys that were my brother's.

Above is hung a wedding photo of my father's parents. 

I think it makes a great little vintage vignette overall.

What vintage items have you picked up recently?
How do they add to the appeal 
and personalization of your home?

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  1. Wow. Beautiful finds. My mother-in-law has a house full of vintage things. I love seeing all the things my husband grew up with. On the flip side, my mom's house is modern, as she never keeps anything. :(


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