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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Removing Left Over Candle Wax

Argghh . . . don't you just hate when your burn a votive
and there is that pesky candle wax left over 
at the bottom of the candle holder.

Ignore yucky grout. In need of a good bleaching.

This is actually simple to remedy.

take said container, wax and all,
and place it into your freezer.

Yes, mine looks a little yucky. Sorry.

Then wait. Wait.
Go and do something.
Come back several hours later.

Remove the the holder from the freezer.

Turn it upside down and the wax should fall out.

Sometimes it may need a bit of warm tap water to fall out 
or a butter knife to be run along the edges.

Now you wash, rinse, and dry your container 
and start the fun candle loving process over.

Don't you just love when things are nice and simple like that.

Hope life is going well. 
It is nice to be back with my gals.


  1. Years ago a friend gave me a candle in a pretty votive cup. I liked it so much that I did exactly what you described. Today that empty votive cup still holds qtips in my bathroom drawer. I smile each time I see it.

  2. I love this trick! I wrote a post about it awhile back. :)

    Here's a trick for cleaning your grout:


  3. You can also put a little oil in the candle holder before you burn the candles. This also helps to get all of the 'left over' out. Love the freezer tip!


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