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Friday, September 23, 2011


Did you know that I LOVELOVELOVE
to scrapbook?

I mean I am probably obsessed.

Okay, in addition to this I am pretty Creative Memories loyal.

People have their opinions for and against this,
but I will stay loyal.

For me there is just something about a life time warranty that kills the competition.

I ADORE my consultant.

Seriously, she is more than my consultant, she is my friend.

After 8 years and about 20 albums
(Told you that I am obsessed)
I am still in love with this hobby.

For me it is the ultimate catharsis.

Do you scrapbook?
Do you have a favorite brand/product?
Are you traditional or digital?

What inspired all of the gushing of scrapbook love?


No kiddos.
No chores.
No worries.

I hope that your weekend is off to an equally great start.


  1. I'm SO JEALOUS!!! This is totally my "thing," and I haven't been able to take time for it with all the craziness in our lives. And my space has slowly gone from a room, to a closet, to a corner...and now its pretty much nowhere. Sad. Have fun and hope you get to relax and be scrap happy!!!

  2. Lucky you. I hope you have a great time. I have a scrapbook room that I spent most of the day in - sadly, not scrapbooking but cleaning up all my clutter. Maybe next week.

  3. I love traditional scrapbooking. I havent done much of it lately but I miss it. Hope you have a great time tonight!

  4. Yeah!!! Don't you love just-by-myself-without-kids-or-messes-or-anything-else MOMMY TIME to do what you love? Have a great time girl!


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