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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Vintage Serendipity

Vintage: representing a high quality of a past time.
Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.


Okay, so about two weeks ago I was off to get my first 
mani/pedi in over a year. 

I know. 
How does one survive in Cali without these things?

Well, I am great at improvising, doing it myself,
and ultimately not caring when I have to go without.

It was an exciting day though.

I was going to see my cousin,
 who I haven't seen since Christmas,
and she was going to do my nails.

BONUS: No kiddos.

I woke up and picked out an outfit.
As I prepped I didn't see the wonderful ensemble 
I was putting together.

However, when I was fully dressed 
the outcome was pleasantly pleasing.

The peach hues and vintage chic polyester 
were a serendipitous match.

Check it out man.
Blouse: Vintage from my mommy, Shorts: Mossimo/Target, White Cami: Nordstrom BP, Belt: Forever21,
Headband: VintageWannabe, Wedges, Styles4Less about 10 years ago
Oh yeah, and the tucked in is rockin' this outfit.

Awkward pose to get a better shot of the headband.

Words like serendipity make me feel free and childlike.
They make me want to do things like swing.

Oh yes! I must share the charcoal gray toes too.

They were a perfect match for my first day of work last week

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  1. I love the peachy hue! I can't get away with colors so light...I look like a little ghost lady:)


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