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Friday, January 14, 2011

{Frugal Fridays} Bargain Christmas Swag

This is my first post in what will be my Frugal Fridays series. Since so many of us who blog are stay-at-home moms who are always up for a good deal, I thought it would be prudent to share each week some of my tricks of the trade in saving a few dollars while still doing the crafty/decorative things that I love to do.

Okay, so this morning I had to run to Michael's on my way to the mall playground in order to pick up some red spray paint for my husband's V-Day gift (be on the look out for this). While there I stopped by the dollar spot (of course), and the 30cent bin out front, and also the Christmas Clearance inside (down to 80% off now!!!). Here's a little glimpse at the GREAT deals I got.


ORGANZA BAGS- 1.19 each
If you are having a shower or wedding I suggest that you run and grab this right quick. They also had bright green.

LETTER "I" Ceramic Ball- .20

Pair it with this vase below that I picked up in the $1 spot, and all I need to do is use some cardboard and my Cricut to cut a letter "U" the height of the vase. I think it will make a cute little vignette on my mantel.

RED SWIRL BALLS- Large .20 each/ 12 small .79 entire bag

I cut the hanging strings off the large ones, and for now I put them in this jar. The jar is a bit foggy even though I just washed it so I will probably do something different.

GRAND TOTAL: $6.20 (before tax)

So I hope that this inspires you to take a second out and stop by the dollar and clearance sections when you visit stores. Also, think outside of the box. Red and white is not just for Christmas! It is great for Valentine's Day and Patriotic Holidays too. It can also be great for showers and birthdays if the theme is right.


  1. Brilliant! I love "holiday" items that work for everyday or for other holidays, yet are listed as clearance since Christmas is over... Good job.


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