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Friday, January 21, 2011

{Frugal Fridays} Thrifting

I am so excited about some of the sweet deals I have to share with you today. Wednesday, while I only had E, I was able to take a jaunt to the thrift store and Dollar Tree. Today, I will be sharing my two favorite thrift picks from this week.

First this shirt! That's my look of shock. I bought this little diddy for 1.99. 
Oh wait! It was an additional 25% off. That makes it 1.50. WOWSERS!

Want a ring like that awesome orange and black one? I bought it from Little Miss Momma (love that woman). You should really check her out.

Okay, so my next favorite piece still looks like junk. Yet, it will soon be a miraculous Land of Nod/Pottery Barn knock off. Just wait for the post.

So this is a Norman Rockwell plate display. It cost a grand total of 2.25 (thanks to that extra 25% off).
I can't wait to work on this. Although I am a bit nervous about the sanding. I am not super fond of sanding.

Until next Friday. Keep your buying frugal.


  1. Hello there Jayna,and thank you on the sweet comment you left for me.
    Lovely finds you've got here.
    A dish rack - I would love to have one to display my grandma's dishes!

  2. What fabulous finds! The blouse is sooooo cute. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it.


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