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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hap-Hap-Happy New Year!!!!

As I sit here in my freezing family room, watching my guiltiest of pleasures, "Buffy" re-runs, I am contemplating what this wonderful year has to bring. It was great to look back at how 2010 rocked, not just for me but for all of you wonderful ladies too. Now, it is time to look ahead. I have been in the habit of making one achievable goal the past few years. Simply, it has been to wash my car at least once a month. This is a big deal when you live in the desert and car washing seems futile.

Anyway, this year I am going BIG!!! Firstly, as a means to have direction. Secondly, as a challenge to myself. So, I have a list with categories. It will be fun to share my progress on some of these things, especially the projects section. Okay, so here's a look at what I have planned to Rock the socks off of 2011. Just like I did my husband socks for this photo.

Photo courtesy of Chris Gomez Photography

      2011 Resolutions

Spiritual/Personal Growth Goals

o   Big Girls Don’t Whine Book (Read and Application)
o  Get into a small group

o   Listening to Podcasted sermons w/the hubby

o   Gym twice a week and elliptical once

o   Less junk food BABY

o   two One Starbucks per week

Project Goals

o   Bathroom Cabinets
    Kitchen Cabinets
    12 Months of Christmas w/Jenna
    Laundry Room Shelves
    Office Floor
    Office Paint
    Hall Closet
    Smaller Crafts TBA
    Work on my ETSY shop
    Wash car once a month
    Vanity Wall in bedroom
     Art above bed
    Window Coverings for bedroom
    Hallway Photo Wall(s)

Intellectual Goals

o   Four paper submissions
    Get a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! Professorship
    Enjoy my ETS position
    Schedule and take GRE so that I can apply to a Phd program

    Okay, so some are easy while others are not so much. Pray for me!!! I will pray for all of you too. May we all have a blessed year no matter what.

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  1. I love that your included our 12 months of Christmas!!! That will make me stick to it too! I miss you friend!


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