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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy Busy Day

Grandma took D today. HOORAY!!! I don't get to spend time with E alone as often as I'd like. It makes me sad because this baby stage will be gone very soon. It didn't seem that way so much the first time around, but now I know what's coming instead of waiting for the next new thing to happen.

Anyway, this also gave me some freedom to run errands and get some projects done, mostly spray painting some stuff.

Me and E prepping to spray.

Don't you love my vintage shirt. Yeah, it was my grandma's. 

E went to take a nap before spraying began. No ucky fumes for this roly poly.

(Not all items are pictured. Sorry)

Embroidery Hoops for E's Mobile
(will be featured in the near future)

Night stand lamps from master bedroom
(need to be revamped after 8 years)

Thrift store frame. It's a bit yellow. Needs some white brightening.
(Ooops! I forgot to take an after)

The lamps. I covered their light sockets with plastic baggies and fun christmas twist ties. Hey, it worked well enough. I did something similar with a grocery bag for their cords.


The lamps are now a wonderfully textured black. I have one little spot I need to retouch tomorrow.

What to do with those tan leather shades though. They just don't match in a room that is decorated in pink, blue, white, and black. Although my husband argues that tan is a neutral and goes anywhere. 

The painted hoops. Now they match the room and are ready to become a solar system.
(Not done with spray paint. I used the same paint from his room so'd they match)

FRAMES: not previously pictured
Both are from the DollarTree. A lovely trip I made today with E.

I like how this one just refused to come out perfectly white on the design. At first it bugged me, then I realized it looked antiqued a bit.

Okay, so this is super shiny because the kitchen lights reflected in the picture. There's a great scroll detail on the inside edge though. Sorry I forgot to include the after of the large white frame. It looks nice and refreshed though.

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  1. you've been very busy! Solar system? how cool!
    I like the black frame. The lamps look so much better painted.


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