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Friday, March 4, 2011

AMAZING Booster Giveaway

Let me just tell you how much I love SUGAR POP RIBBONS.
Seriously awesome.
Giveaway after giveaway.

The giveaway that she has coming up next week has me more excited then even her Silhouette one did.
well at least for me because it has to do with a necessity.

She has teamed up with Hayneedle to giveaway a $300 booster seat.


If you are a mommy who will be needing a booster seat head on over to her site and become a follower.
You WILL NOT regret adding her to your blog roll.

I am just so ridiculously excited because we know that Monster 
will need a booster when he turns three in July.

We will be getting one of these two:

Today Monster says he wants the "Monkey Chow" one, 
but then another day he will say "Pirate, Mommy."

I am pretty sure DL will want the Pirate one.
It matches our interior better, and is probably less girly.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!

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