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Friday, March 18, 2011

Shamrock Baby Legs

I Know that I said this would post last night, but SOMEBODY (ME)
fell asleep before I could upload the final pic of Roly Poly wearing them.
So, without further ado here are his Shamrock Baby Legs with a Tutorial.

In an effort to make more of my boys clothes,
I thought it would be fun to try my hand at the baby leg warmers.
They are difficult to find it cute boy prints,
so I thought it would be best to sew my own.

Plus, the few pairs that we already own get a ton of use.
They're great for the Spring when pants are too much.
Fun for crawling.
We're almost there now.
And, in those current frigid temps they keep extra warmth,
especially when I am holding Roly Poly and the bottom of his pants creep up.

I had seen many a girly pair made from socks, so remembering that
I knew I could do it from these men's shamrock socks that I picked up at Target for $2.50.
That is WAY cheaper than the brand name Baby Legs cost.

This is a quick and to the point transformation.

Cut the foot off of the sock in a straight line.

Now cut another section from the removed foot.
Fold it in half.

Take this piece and pin it to the upper portion of the sock, right sides together.

Carefully stitch without stretching.
Trim threads.

All done!
I did go back and narrow the bottom.

If the pattern does not flow a certain way then the part you just sewed can be the top of the legging.
If, like my socks, the pattern only goes in a single direction.
You can taper the piece you just sewed using a simple stitch and then trimming.
I didn't really do this, although I make go back later,
We'll see.

For now Roly Poly is all ready to get LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!
Photo taken inside Kiddie Kandids while waiting so the lighting is EH

Do you see that cute little diaper cover? The tutorial will be up some time this weekend.


  1. How cute is he!! Those leggings are ADORABLE too!

  2. Jayna, thank you so much for stopping by my blog so often and leaving such nice comments. I just love these baby leggings. I see them all the time for girls but I think our chubby little boy babies can rock them just as well. And with a little Irish in my blood, I'm totally digging the shamrocks!

  3. I love these. I made some a while back for Sophie. Thanks for linking up!


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