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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Serious on Sunday

I want to take some time out this Sunday morning to share with you some important information.

I forewarn you that this is long, but important.

This information relates to my TRUST post from a few weeks back.

At that time my family (not my household though)
became faced with some crucial and staggering issues 
regarding a members severe addictions.

Yes, this is going to become quite personal very quickly.
This is a disclaimer.

I understand that various forms of addiction exist in households,
and as bloggers we need to be aware that the computer can be an addiction.

However, the addiction of this family member is not to the computer,
 but to something more dangerous. 
He is addicted to more than one powerful narcotic.

On the evening that this information was revealed to me, 
and some other family members by those who were already privy to the information,
the addict had caused an accident where he was thrown 
from the vehicle and turned over one parked car while landing atop another.


These are quite serious issues.

Luckily, only the addict/driver was involved.
By God's grace he is alive and virtually uninjured, 
despite early worries from the doctors.

What saddens my heart is that people knew about the problem.
People knew for a very long time.
They were "trying" to do something, 
but in cases like this there is no try; 
there is do and don't.
This is a life and death situation.

Moreover, there is a young child involved in the family dynamic.
A child who was allowed to stay home with the person,
and who was allowed to be in the car with the person.
The claim is he would never "use" in her presence, 
unfortunately there is no way to trust this to be true because drugs are 

Do not be fooled.
People are controlled by drugs, 
they do not control the drugs.

Finally, this directly affects my household.
I have been invited over and visited with my children
while the use was going on.
My concern that there may be a problem was known, 
but in a selfish move the owner of the home hid this from me.
They wanted to see my children for the holidays,
as long as I didn't know it was safe, right?

Secrets are BAD!
Secrets HURT!
Most importantly,
Secrets can be DANGEROUS!

My son is active.
He can climb anything.
He can find anything.
And, NO! I do not want him finding or seeing drugs.
I do not want him near residual residue.

I am HURT!
Most importantly my heart has been crushed by someone
 who I love to the ends of the earth.

I understand protecting a child,
because I want to protect mine, but do not protect your children 
at the expense of other peoples.

So I sit and remain strong.
I continue my research about the drugs,
especially how they relate and may effect 
a rare heart disease that my family carries.

I have handed over tons of information regarding treatment.
This was an amazing find,
one I should've remembered from Air1.

Teenchallenge has an AMAZING program that is free.
It is a Christian center, as most free programs are.
Another free program is run by the Salvation Army.

Finally, I have found another wonderful charity via Crowdtap
that helps aide in cost of rehabilitation and recovery.

In order to find this information, and much more,
including interventionist and paid recovery,
I pretty much ignored my family for three and a half days.

None of this information has been put to use by my family,
which is why My husband and I have currently limited all contact to phone calls
and visits with only specific people in my home only.

We cannot endanger our children.
We are heartbroken for the child involved,
but we cannot participate in enabling this to continue.

The person is clean for now,
but it has only been a few weeks.
Without professional help 
this decision is statistically NOT going to stick.

If you know someone who is using PLEASE help them.
You cannot protect them.
You cannot protect other people from them,
all you are doing is hurting yourself and those very people 
who you are trying to protect.

I ask also that you pray for this situation.
I know that God is good.
I know that he has helped me to make the  hardest decision of my life.
I know that if I continue to trust then things will change,
not that I know exactly what or how.

This event and revelation has completely shifted the dynamic of my household and family.
My view of tolerance is altered.

If you would like further information based on specific addictions 
or other places to find help,
you can contact me and I will share what I have found,
though I am by no means an expert.

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  1. Wow you just brought on so many memories and emotions back for me. We went through a situation with on of my sisters and I had to become the strong and mean one and did the "ugly" thing and got her kids out of her home.
    Stay strong and so what ever it takes to protect those who need it, years later we are still healing but we are a family again. Sending my prayers to you and your family


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