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Sunday, March 6, 2011



This was our sermon at church this weekend. 
Trust God.
No one fully does it.
Sorry. It is just the sad fact. 
We always hold on to something.

Well, we went to service last night (Saturday night)
and then came home to some difficult news.

First the news was scary and induced fear.
(TRUST me said God)

Then more transpired and I felt doubt, anger, more fear
some relief

I went to sleep.
We went to Disneyland for some distraction.
Pierce Brosnan (yummy)
helped with that because he was there being a great daddy and spouse.
He was oh so good looking and just looked so happy with his family.
Yay! for him.

Anyway, then I needed to make some calls and take care of some stuff 
so we left The Happiest Place on Earth by 2:00.

Back to concern, curiousity, relief, anger
(TRUST I heard again)

Yet, as we drove overwhelming anxiety 

Then more of the same. 
Some relief.
Well overall the point is I am a barrel of confusion.
There's a lot of anger welling up.
Much concern.
But, it doesn't matter what I feel I need to 

Trust that God is in control.
Trust that God has a plan.
Trust that hearts can and WILL be changed.
Trust that we are safe because God has us sealed in His protective grasp.
Trust, and then trust some more 
because there will NEVER be enough trust.

So I think I would prefer to do and think about some of these things instead
while I give my TRUST to God.

Grab a nice vampire novel and indulge
while drinking a celestial cup of coffee,

and then I will tuck myself into a dreamy bed of romantic daffodils

lifting my prayers to God for all the things he's blessed me with
and for the fact that He is truly the only constant that I can trust.

***Thanks for reading this confusing rant if you made it this far. I just needed to vent a bit***


  1. I am lifting you up in prayer today. Prayer for trust and peace.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Trusting God is lifelong process, isn't it?

  3. Hey Jayna. I was stopping by to see if you got my email about the sneak peek tomorrow, but I guess now I know why I hadn't heard from you. Please email me when you get a chance and let me know if you would still like to participate. We can work some out for the sneak peak if you aren't able to get me your pics by tonight and still want to participate. I'll keep you in my prayers. ~ April

  4. I'm sorry that you're going through a tough time. You should know that your post ministered to me today as I am having a rough week, myself. Thanks for posting it. I'll try to Trust too.

  5. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment. All I have to say to this post is . . . "Here, here!" Trust in the Lord with all thine heart & lean not unto thine own understanding--a theme for my entire life! Hugs.

    Warmly, Michelle


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