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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Peachy Keen

Oh boy!
The peach blossoms have sprung over here in the High Desert.
They are looking beautiful too.

Since this is a dry climate they take a bit longer to come out,
but when they do it is such a joy.

So, I thought that today's outfit needed some peachy keen goodness
as accompaniment.

Yes, I know I look a bit silly wearing a warmy headband in 80 degree weather,
but who cares because I like my headband.

Shirt: Target Clearance $7, Headband: My Shop, Michael Kors Jeans: Nordstrom (when I had money before kids),
Pyramid stud earrings: Target Clearance $2/3 pair in different shades

Oh dear that funky eyebrow of mine. If only it would always stay in place.

It is a great way to avoid styling the hair in the wind.
The desert is atrociously windy at times.

I also thought I'd try my own creative (and VERY amateur) hand at photography with this post.

What do you think?
Not too bad for a point and shoot and NO skills what-so-ever.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.
It's almost the weekend!!!!


  1. Love the hair band- and your peach tree! The flowers are beautiful.

  2. Love the flowers and your shirt :)

  3. Beautiful blossoms! So I just saw you are from VICTORVILLE! This is such a crazy small blog world because I just moved to Denver from Apple Valley!! My whole family still lives there:) Where do you go to church! Such a small world right? ha

  4. Oh I just read you go to HDC! Denette (Mercer) Haney is like one of my best friends and don't know if you know the GIllespies but I went/worked to the church where he pastors now at Apple Valley Baptist:)

  5. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the flowers, made my day. . . It is still pretty grey here :(


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