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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} A DMV Visit for My Birthday

Oh yeah, today is MY birthday.

I am 29!!!

That's right, one more year left of my twenties, and I am going to 
ROCK IT!!!!!!!!

My birthday extravaganza begun with a trip to the DMV yesterday
to renew my license, and I am now sooooo old ;)
that I had to retake my vision test.

I passed, but really I don't know how I did without my glasses.
Pure luck.

It really wasn't too bad of a trip.

A friend watched Monster, while Roly Poly and I went.
First, I went to the one here in Victorville, only to find it closed for renovation.

So I was off to Barstow.

The drive wasn't bad, and the line was pretty short.
I think it took about 45 minutes to an hour total.

The BONUS to driving to Barstow was that I got to go to the OG,
yes as in the VERY first, Del Taco.

If you have not been there, you seriously need to go.

The food is WAY better than any other Del Taco.
It even looks like all the advertisement photos. 
Del Taco Photos Source

Do you see how much yummy cheese they use?

Just remember to bring cash because they don't take your debit card.

So worth it the next time you are coming into Cal from Vegas or going to Vegas from LA.

Okay, so back on topic.

Here's a look at what I wore to the DMV.

I was so excited about my photo outfit.
Yes, I planned what I was going to wear in my photo.
I wonder how it turned out?

My favorite part is that I FINALLY got to wear my mustache necklace.

My two little boys bought it for me for my birthday,
so great when mom has to do their shopping for them.

I can't wait to see what they got me for Mother's Day. ;)

Anyway, I am off for more birthday fun.
Including this yellow frosted cake that I baked to match my outfit.

The best birthday thing that I am looking forward to is 
this weekend.

I hope to meet some great gals and get some AWESOME products.

Love ya, mean it!


  1. Happy Birthday...This cake looks hummy!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I've only eaten at Del Taco once, and unfortunately.. it was not good. I'm hesitant to go back now. But the cake looks tasty!

  3. I just love you posted about Del Taco. They are not around here anymore and my mouth just started watering when I saw the sign!!!! Thanks for posting and hope you had a great birthday!!!!!


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