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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Review

Okay, so I thought that this would be up last night, 
but I have been more tired lately and trying to catch up on some 
MUCH NEEDED cleaning.

This means I haven't really brought my camera in to upload my photos, 
and I haven't had time to check my favorite blogs, 
or to really write a post.

I have been saying this a lot lately, I know.

Things are settled now. 
They should be less hectic as of today.


So, how was your Mother's Day?

Mine was pretty darn good.

I came home from San Diego on Saturday
to find these lovelies from the Cuban Cowboy.

He is a man after all, so Home Depot it was. 
I love these sorts of gifts though.
They are so genuine. 
Plus he knows I like to sit outside with the boys 
and do my computer stuff while they play in the morning.

Isn't this fairy to die for?
When he does buy gifts, he always does well.

Then Sunday we went to Mimi's Cafe with his extended family;
it is a tradition.

This was NOT my favortie part of the day.
It was a bad time, 1:30, which caused Roly Poly to miss his nap.

It took an hour before our food came, so he wanted to nurse
 and to be OUT of the high chair.

So, I had to leave when the food arrived.
This was only a speed bump in the overall day though.

After, we went to Tia Lula's for dessert and gifts.
This was super fun.

Here are some shots of the festivities.

I love the dress my mother-in-law bought me. That's her with the Roly Poly.

Dress: Thrifted Vintage, Mint Cardigan: Nordstrom BP (old), Flats: Target Clearance, Headband: Vintage Wannabee

I think this is a better one, but the laughing one is fun too.

A happy Mommy with the boys she LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that you too had a ROCKIN' Mother's Day!!!


  1. How fun!!! I LOVE your vintage dress, it's so cute!!

  2. He did good! So glad you had a great Mother's Day!


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