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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mimicking Mandi

I am sure you all know Mandi from Vintage Revivals.
She is pretty much the bees knees.

I mean, she's even been on TV.

Okay, so she made this SUPER awesome rug.

Well, I wanted to create a rug of my own following 
some of her directions. 

Area rugs are just RIDICULOUSLY costly, 
so I thought this was a great way to save.

I had my eye out on these bathroom rugs 
that were in the Target clearance section.
I watched the price drop and drop 
until I found it to be acceptable.
Then, I snatched all the rugs that they had up;
of course I laid them all together in the middle 
of a Target aisle first to make sure my idea looked good.

I came home with 8 bathroom rugs.
This was a price totaling under $20, 
which would have originally been the price of just two.


The only other supplies that I now needed were 
scissors to cut the tags and carpet tape.

I bought this carpet tape at Home Depot.

I laid out my design again.

Then I switched a couple around for uniformity.

For some reason one rug just had way more blue than white.
There is absolutely nothing that I can do about it though.

Once my layout was set, I flipped all of the rugs over
and began to tape.

It took a total of two packages of tape 
in order to complete the project (really one 1/4 packages).

Here is the final result as it now sits in my front living area. 

In some ways it's a Monet
(gorgeous from afar and a mess up close).

Up close you can clearly see the seams.
 that one row of seams is even ridiculously 
apparent in these photos,

but for $30 total cost I really cannot complain.


  1. Area rugs are crazy expensive. This craft was definitely worth a try. I think the rug looks pretty darn good! Maybe the seams will be less noticeable in time - or maybe you will come up with an idea to enhance the seams like with stitching in between. Visiting you from Whipperberry.

  2. oh my gosh, I think it looks fabulous! I sooo want to do this. I've needed an area rug for two years now, since we put in hardwood floors in our sitting area.
    An expensive rug was not in the budget, but this seems so do-able!
    Thanks Jayna Rae!!!

  3. Great job! For $30 you just can't beat that. :)

  4. WHAT!? this is AWESOME!!! What a stinkin clever idea! All you crafty women make me so jealous! Love your blog!

  5. This is so cool! I also need an area rug, I'll have to give this a try.

  6. so pretty and really creative! thanks for sharing! have a nice weekend!


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