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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fat Arms

Okay, so last week I shared some tips on how to avoid the Summer chafe,
well today I want to talk about my fat arms.

You may think I am exaggerating, but even at my 135 wedding weight,
my arms we're large.
This is in part because they gain muscle easily,
it is also just the way God built me.

Well, it can cause some fashion difficulties and discomfort,
especially in button-up blouses or dresses.

Case in point.

A lovely, blue, floral dress that I purchased from Forever 21 while I was prego.
I thought that it would be a great nursing dress 
because of the button front.
Roly Poly is 10 months and I just fit in it, barely.
Also, dress?
More like shirt.
Seriously, the bottom button was mid feminine region.

Well, thank goodness for leggings.

I just had to squeeze my chunka munka arms into the sleeves.
They did not fit.
They got stuck.
Yes, the circulation was cut off and silk doesn't have stretch.


The seam is maybe 1/2 inch, if that.

Yes, right before I left for my cousins shower I cut the bottom (armpit) seam open with scissors.
A seam ripper would work as well.

Much better!!!!

Now I was ready to go.
Dress: Forever 21, Yellow Belt: from Maternity shirt, Yellow Necklace: Forever 21

No, I did not sew the raw edge.
No time.
I was running late.
Maybe I will.
Maybe I won't.
Who knows?
I mean is anyone really looking under the pits?

What fashion quick fixes have you resorted to?

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  1. Jayna, you are so clever. I often have this problem too! Thanks for sharing this :)


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