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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} Combining Color

Although I can at times make BOLD clothing choices,
I do have a tendency to pair neutrals with brighter colors.

The thought of pairing two bright colors,

Mostly because I worry that I cannot pull it off,
or maybe they do not coordinate aw well as I thought.

Well, today I stepped outside of my comfort zone, just a teeny bit.
This was at the encouragement of the lovely Nina from Momma Go Round.

What did I pair?
Well, coral and a seafoam.
Sounds very oceany, 
maybe I should be at the beach.

First a day look.

Under Tank: Victoria's Secret PINK, Striped Tank: Target clearance, 
Shorts: Halogen/Nordstrom, Flats: Target clearance, Bracelet: Groopdealz,
Mustache Necklace: Little Miss Momma
Hair bow: See Kate Sew (you can barely see it in these shots).

Then maybe a summer evening date look. 
Who am I kidding?
Maybe, more like if I wanted to go back to work,
I'd wear something like this for teaching.

I took off the striped tank, leaving only the under one, and then I added a blazer.

Blazer: Target

Okay, so what's the verdict?
Do these pieces even go together?
Let me know,
especially if I was too bold.


  1. Oh my gosh you look amazing! I love the bright colors and those shoes are awesome. Major win here girl :) Super diggin it with the blazer too!

  2. I dont think you were too bold here. I LOVE the first outfit. I think the colors go great together!
    They dont seem out of place at all. :)

    I also love the LOOK of the second outfit, with the blazer and all. SUPER cute. But Im not sure about the color on this one. I know its similar to the first outfit, but with the blue and white striped blazer.. something looks off to me...
    I think its the seafoam bottoms. But I think the top with the blazer looks great!

  3. I love the use of color and the two go together well. I don't personally wear tanks out without something over them but it works on you!

  4. I love that color combo! Super cute. I have a pair of shorts that are that orange-y coral color, and I wear them with teals and purples. :] At least now I'm not the only person in the world who dares do that. Super cute!

  5. Great combinations! The shorts and top are cute. I liked the jacket-and-tank combo but probably would have paired them with jeans or another neutral.

    But as a neutral-busting combo, it works!



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