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Saturday, February 12, 2011

{5 Days to V-Day} Chocolate covered raspberry Dessert

Sorry this is sooooooo late.

My camera is still MIA, but I didn't want to not post these recipes at all.

I hate that I am posting these sans photos.

I hope that you forgive me, but trust that they are cute!

Today's yummy dessert feature is ridiculously quick, easy, and 
most importantly

Chocolate covered strawberries scream Valentine's Day. 
However, they are not the only berry that tastes delicious covered in chocolate.
Fresh raspberries are also a wonderful treat when paired with chocolate, especially dark chocolate.
Thus, we have today's V-Day treat:

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Dessert

Fresh Raspberries
Dark chocolate candy melts
Mini-dish (bowl shaped)

First melt the chocolate in the microwave.
Next coat the entire mini-dish 
(mine came from Pier1 for about $1.50).

Then fill the dish with raspberries.

Top it off with more chocolate. 
You can either cover it entirely or drizzle.
I have done both.

Today I covered and then topped off with two raspberries for added looks.

To set place in freezer or refrigerator depending on how close to serving you are setting this treat.

EAT & ENJOY!!!!!!!
Pictures ADDED 2/16/11

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The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day.

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