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Saturday, February 12, 2011

{5 Days to V-Day} Giant Peanut Butter Kiss

This is my other missing non-picture post!
Again, my apologies for no photos.

A missing camera is a blogging nightmare.

Hershey's kisses are oh so yummy and are totally perfect for Valentine's Day.

Have you ever seen the giant ones for purchase?

Well today I am going to teach you how to make one, but with a little twist.

The twist is optional!

We are going to give ours a peanut butter center.
This makes it like a peanut butter cup met a kiss.

Chocolate melts
Peanut butter

Curved Funnel: 
My funnel is from Tupperware. It is the PERFECT shape.
This photo is from one that is selling on ETSY for $3

What to do:
Melt the chocolate in the microwave,
while it is melting use a plastic bag and a twist tie to cover the bottom of the funnel.
This will keep the chocolate from dripping out of the bottom.

Next fill the stem of the funnel and coat the entire funnel with a layer of chocolate.

(If you are not filling your candy with peanut butter, skip this step and read on)

Scoop 2 spoon fulls of peanut butter into the funnel.

Finish of by filling the rest of the space with your remaining chocolate.

Place your funnel in the freezer to set.

When your kiss has solidified you can wrap it up.

I have chosen to wrap mine in foil and add a little paper tag similar to the one in a Hershey's Kiss.
My tag says:

I Love You

over and over again.

Now you can display your little treat until you give it to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day!


If you haven't yet entered the Valentine's Day bracelet giveaway
click here

The winner will be announced on Monday.

Since I have no camera until further notice,
hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow from my friend,
I am going to have to put this event to a halt.

There is still the giveaway though!

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. This sounds delicious!


  2. How cute is this!!!??? I'm going to have to try this.

  3. Oh what fun -- never thought of using a funnel for something like this -- brilliant!


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