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Friday, February 18, 2011

{Frugal Friday} Dishes

Early last year I purchased a set of 8 plates at Ross.
I just loved the pattern.

See. It's super pretty.

The only problem was that my hubs said that this meant I had to get rid of the other dishes.
I didn't like the other ones so no biggee, except that this left us without bowls. 
We had a four pack of maroon ones that we never opened after I wedding,
so I brought those out.

They're okay, but they don't really match.

So I have been on the hunt for bowls.
I kept seeing these ones at Target.
(I had trouble grabbing the pic)
8 bowls for $23.99

Then I saw these at Anthropologie.

4 bowls for $20

I really liked both, and both work well with the set of plates.

THEN . . . 
on Monday when I went to Target to return an item and pick up bread and eggs,
I saw this set.

I just love when bowls are stacked like this.

It is not exactly the precise color, but it was only
It came down to a choice of waiting to get the other bowls
(and spending more)
or purchasing this set,
having a complete set including cups,
and saving some money.

I picked the set because the value was just too good to pass up.
The color red isn't as bright as I'd like, but it will suffice.

See the tag?

Yes, this set was originally 49.99.


So, the moral of today's Frugal Friday is that
sometimes you need to be flexible and thoughtful.
I know have a nice set, 
and I can always add other bowls later that are a better fit to the square plates.

Now I am thinking these.

$10 per bowl
Sculptor's Dinnerware from Anthropologie

Maybe buy one bowl at a time.

This is acutally my dream dinnerware that I have been wanting for about 2 years now.
However, it is not exactly frugal.


  1. The Targets by you have the BEST deals. I am always looking at the clearance by us and it sucks- its always only like 25% off! Great find!!

  2. Holy smokes- that was a Steal! I love your plates, you have a great eye for cute things!


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