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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday} My First Ruffles

Okay, so I have been waiting for a week and a half to share this SWEET dress I whipped up two Fridays ago.
I wanted to share it the very next day, but illness set in,
and there was NO WAY I was taking photos looking feeling as icky
as I did.

I also sorta wanted it to be seperated from a What I Wore Wednesday, but that just isn't going to happen.

So without further ado . . .
Here is my first ruffle ANYTHING!!!!
Dress: Handmade/ Directions to follow, Belt: Nordstrom, Heart Ring: Tiffany, Necklace: Jeweler, shoes: ALDO, earrings: Coach

I made this dress from an upcycled Victoria's Secret PINK black V-neck.
I just adore these shirts.
They are totally comfy.
I cut the shirt just alonger than I wanted it.
Then I used a remnant I had purchased several years ago.
It has been waiting to become something AMAZING!!!
(You may recognize it from my Baby Friendly Necklaces tutorial a little bit back)
I used the top to help me decide how wide the fabric would need to be at the waistline. Then I cut it about 5/8 inch larger so that I could sew.
The cut was the entire length of the fabric, and I angled it slightly from the waistline to the hem line.
Sorry, I didn't take any photos of the process because I totally did this on a whim.
I then sewed the sides of the skirt,
followed by the top to the bottom.
It came out just right.

Now the ruffles.
I used what was left over from the Tee to make the ruffles.
In total it is six strips from the shirt to make three double layered ruffles.
The third set was cut in half prior to creating the ruffle, so that it could split the V.
I cut the ruffles that are closer to the top wider than those that are at the bottom of the V.
I simply sewed the two layers together without any back stitching and gathered.
Then I pinned them to the dress and stitched them in place.


I totally felt like I was taking a picture of my feminine endowments with this shot. Sorry!

Okay now some fun shots in the dress!!!!

Those are my daffodils I got as an early Valentine's gift.
They are my FAVORITE flower!!!

Dove bobbypins: Juicy Couture

I am not truly wearing this today, but I am wearing this tomorrow to bible study and then to the Valentine's party we have to go to in the afternoon.

What I am really wearing today is this:

Black Cami: Nordstrom BP, Red Sweater: Thrifted, black tweed flats: Target, Levi's Jeans: Costco, Headband: gift  
Two year old:GOD

 Not so exciting, right?
However, I need to be comfy because I am going to get my BAKE on in preparation for tonight.
It is day one of my 5 Days to V-Day event.
So please come back this evening and check it out.
Here's a hint: CHOCOLATE




  1. Okay, I'm envious of your resourcefulness!! So cute!

  2. adorable skirt & ruffle shirt! Love the combo together, I would totally wear that! Good job on your first ruffles :)

  3. OH MY that dress turned out so beyond cute! That fabric is amazing! I never would have thought of doing the double layered ruffles sewn together. I would have been a dork and done each ruffle separately then sewn them together. Dork...I know!

  4. Just saw you on Momma Go Round when I posted. Too cute!

    Luxe Boulevard

  5. The dress is darling and you can Rock the jeans too! Have fun baking.

  6. Oh I LOVE it! The ruffles are adorable! I love the simple black top with the pattern skirt! I also like where you have the skirt, high wasted, with the belt! Looks so classy! The colors of the skirt really compliment your skin and hair.
    Youre beautiful!

  7. that turned out super cute! love the ruffles and i love the pattern on the skirt, very creative!

  8. Very nice. I like the colors a lot.

  9. nice job on the dress! :) The two pieces go well together.
    thanks for sharing @ ccc

  10. I love the fabric you used on the skirt! Super cute!

    Found you via CSI Link-up, would love for you to check out my blog at


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