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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swooning Over Houndstooth

Okay, so I have ALWAYS loved houndstooth.

Since, I have started blogging this love has grown, especially when I see cute projects like this

or this

or this

I mean seriously, how can a gal not be in love.

So, this brings me to today. 
We left a bit early for Costco, 
okay like an hour early.
This gave us time to stop by the Home Fabric discount store in town.
I have only been in there once in the 61/2 years I've lived here.

I really need to recover my couch because Monster covered one of the arms in Baby Vicks.
AKA Baby Grease.

Plus, one of the zippers on a cushion cover broke.
Oh yeah, and the couch was free from a wonderful friend.

So as I was walking in, I thought I would check out the Clearance fabric in the bins on the sidewalk.
There it was!

I fell in love.
I saw it from far off.
There were not one but two bolts of deliciously perfect houndstooth.

SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now it will clash with this Todd Oldham chair right here,

but no worries it too will be getting a make over because I purchased it all.
There should be just enough, especially since I think I might cover the back pillows in a solid.

I think Monster likes it too.

What are your thoughts?
Let me know. I am always open to ideas, 
especially considering what a brave endeavor this will be. 

I hope to have it done by summer.
The store I purchased it at is having a free workshop on how
 to make a cover pattern and make a cover next month.
So, I probably won't do anything until then.

I am still excited though.


  1. I love houndstooth too!! The fabric looks great and I can't wait to see what you do! Your little boy is adorable! He looks like he is mischevious with that grin. :)

  2. I love houndstooth too but am too scared to commit an entire couch to it. I would probably do pillows, but that's because I'm married to an uber-conservative solid color kind of guy. Love the idea of doing the back in a solid.


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