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Friday, February 25, 2011

{Frugal Friday} Decorated Mirror

At the end of January I picked up a white full length mirror at Target for $7.50
(By the way do you notice that I visit Target often?)

Anyway, I had been there earlier that week and saw it on sale for $10.50.
I knew I had a gift certificate at home, so I decided to go back that Friday.
When I did the price had dropped once more.

I swooped it up and brought it home.

I hung it.

I was soooooo excited to FINALLY have a full length mirror after seven years in this house.
Seriously, how did I survive.

As I looked at my new piece I thought to myself that some embellishment might be fun.

I had seen frames like this

and this

and this 

Wait, one more
See that rosette? Remember my love of houndstooth?

all over blogland,
 and I thought that the idea could be easily transferred to the frame of the mirror.

So one night I got to work.
I pulled out some remnants and scraps that I had in the colors that I wanted.
I also got out a handful of buttons that I thought might work.
Finally, I grabbed the three pack of printed pins/buttons that my aunt had bought me for Christmas.

I was ready to begin.

I made several rosettes.
I used the pins/buttons as centers on the three largest.
Then I organized them in a manner that I thought would look nice on the frame of the mirror.

After that was all said and done,
I got out my handy dandy glue gun and started gluing.

VOILA!!! Here is the final product.

Yes, that is a child's toy on the floor behind me in the mirror.


  1. Way cute!! Fun and inexpensive way to add some bling:)

  2. What a cute and unique idea! Really like your blog! great ideas!!

  3. stopping by to say hi. . . I am also a participant of the spring fling. Can't wait to see what your giveaway :)

  4. SO cute! I have been meaning to pick up a full length mirror for the past two years so that I could stop standing on the side of my tub in order to look in the mirror above the bathroom sink :) This just made me REALLY want to go get one, like now! Adorable!

    I just stumbled across your blog and it is adorable!

  5. Hi! I am a Spring Fling participant! Following you wherever you are, lol. ^^)

  6. I love the flowers. they are sooo cute!


  7. Cute! I need to learn how to make those flowers!

    Just stopping by to visit all of the Spring Fling blogs. :) I am your newest follower! Can't wait to see what you will be giving away.


  8. Hi! I love those flowers by the way! I can never seem to make them...they always disinegrate in my hands!
    RE: the material for the waist and cuffs...You can purchase (anywhere) ribbed knit. I'ts really easy, don't be intimidated! It's super stretchy and cllings just like hoodie waist and cuffs should! Good luck and email me anytime if you get stuck

  9. ooh, I always like a good bargain like that! And I know what you mean about living w/o a full length mirror. Mine were also recently added - purchased from a yard sale and mounted with brackets. There are two of them and I think the whole project was under $30, but it takes up almost a whole small wall outside my closet.
    The scrap fabric flowers are fun! I'll have to try some of those soon. For now, I'm back to making more boy clothes!

    visiting from danamadeit

  10. That is super cute! I love the little button with the cherries! Adorable.
    (er, exactly HOW did you survive that long w/o a full length mirror...?)

  11. Isn't that adorable! I love the idea of using the flowers to jazz up a mirror, or even that picture frame!


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