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Saturday, February 5, 2011

CEIVA Digital Frame Arrival/Review

During all of those wonderful Christmas giveaways that were occuring in blogland
I became the lucky winner of a CEIVA Pro80 Digital frame.

It finally arrived Thursday, and I just couldn't wait to get this little box opened
and start playing with my new toy.

Waiting for the boys bedtime seemed like an enternity.

Round about 9:00 when even Daddy was in bed, I got to it though.
It was a super quick set up.
I switched the black faceplate out for this lovely one.

***Sorry, I couldn't pull monster away from it! He LOVES it too.***

However, I think I will eventually buy some skins for it so that it can change with holiday decor.
That's right there are vinyl skins specially made for this frame.
There are also frames for it.

I then quickly completed the online set-up per the straight forward, short and sweet instructions.
Followed by some time at my desktop uploading the photos to their site.
(You can just use a flash drive or memory card too)
This wasn't complicated, and the upload was actually fairly quick considering the bulk of photos I was uploading.

This time spent uploading let me get in some good time with the cat.
Our poor kitty Patches lives in the office and only gets visitors once in awhile.
She adores when I use the office for my blogging (like I am doing right now).
Once we finish re-doing this room, I am sure I will spend more time with her.
Until then, the mess just gives me anxiety.
It's all my mess by the way, not the hubs at all.

Okay, so back to the frame!!!!!
I can edit the photos online and add captions and borders
like this:

or effects, like this:

I just had to use that cute safety pin.

Plus, my mom, aunt, mother-in-law, etc can ad photos to my frame from the comfort of their own homes.

I can also connect it to remotely access my computer without using the online services.

Okay, so the online photo sharing service ROCKS!!!
However, because my husband has our internet locked down like Fort Knox,
I had to make a call to customer service.

They helped me navigate around my own security and make the appropriate changes.
The hold time was non-existent.
The team member (Shout out to Cody) was helpful, polite, and patient.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE is always a bonus.

WAIT!!!! There's even more to this incredible digital frame.
News updates, holiday countdowns (like my current V-Day one), and a calendar.

This is undoubtedly an awesome gift.
Worth the extra money, especially considering the same size frame at Target averages $80.
Thank you Stephanie Lynn from Under The Table and Dreaming

CEIVA is having a sale right now for Valentine's Day. Check it out!!!
These frames are eligible for FREE standard shipping!
CEIVA Pro 80 with 1 year PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service

Only $119.95

Picture Capacity40 new photos per day
plus unlimited photo storage
60 new photos per day
plus unlimited photo storage
Screen8-inch high resolution LCD8-inch high resolution LCD
PicturePlan Required
Includes PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty

Includes PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty
Connection OptionsPhone line, Wireless (optional)Phone line, Wireless (included)
Built-in Card Reader
PicturePlan Required

PicturePlan Required
NavigationSix-Button Remote ControlSix-Button Front Navigation
Frame DesignTraditional, black with glass frontContemporary, interchangeable black and wood-finish faceplates
more product infomore product info

Okay, so awesome product!!! I highly recommend it, especially if you have grandparents who do not live nearby.

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