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Friday, February 4, 2011

Seriously! What was I thinking?

I was spray painting some things today while monster played. 

We came in, so I left the cans out.

Later, he asked to go out.

I said for ten minutes and then nap time.

Then he came in with red hands.

"Oh no! Another bloody nose,"
I thought to myself.


It was Krylon Red Pepper spray paint.

Now to see the damage he'd done.

I saw that the lid was on, so at first I felt relief.
He had smudged my project.

Then I saw all of this!!!

Okay, so at least it wasn't the concrete or the house!
Also, only paint on his hands.

I figured since I could see him, he was okay playing for a minute outside. I check on him like every five seconds.

Really, HE was okay.
In fact, he was having FUN!

Then he was in "big trouble" and was sent to bed.

Mommy is also in BIG TROUBLE by Daddy.

I guess we will be getting to the re-painting of the fence a little sooner this year than planned.

C'est la vie.


  1. Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!
    This reminds me of Connie's post over at The Young & The Relentless... her kids got naked and completely colored themselves with markers.
    It only takes those stinkers a few moments, doesn't it!

  2. Oh, too funny! I never had a spray paint incident, but I did have a permanent marker/ brand new sofa incident with a four year old once. Not a happy day.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! That's going to be a story he'll still be hearing about when he's 40!


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