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Friday, February 11, 2011

{Frugal Friday} Victoria's Secret

Okay, normally I am not keen on the idea of credit cards, 
but in the case of Victoria's Secret it is a FRUGAL no brainer.

It is the best way to purchase your special undergarments.

The reason that this is a frugal choice is the 

I know that you can, from time to time, get the free panty offers just by ordering from 
the website, but . . .

The coupon book that comes with your card has more AMAZING coupons 
for wonderful freebies.

Now, see I have never recommended to actually use the credit card.

I only use it to buy what I would buy anyway,
which means I only use it every few months or so.
I never rarely carry a balance.
I get my points.
I earn more free stuff.

Sweet deal.

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