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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pom Poms!

I made myself some Pom Poms for my mantel last week. 

They were up for Valentine's Day, but I may just
move them to my bedroom  and use them as a valance.

Here's what you need:

Once you have your supplies you need to gather up 4 sheets of each color and fold them in half.
You now have a thickness of 8.
Cut them into three sections.

Now take your stacks and accordian fold them.

Fold in half, find the center, and then use the floral wire to secure.
It can be used later for hanging purposes.

You are now ready to pull the layers apart and poof the poms.
(for even better instructions click here and you will be sent to Martha Stewart)

I attached the poms to yarn and then hung them from my mantel.


I cut the heart from cardboard and then covered it with fabric using hot glue.

(Isn't it wonderful how the blue poms and heart match?)

I had a bit of trouble getting the heart to stay hung.
I needed a stronger adhesive to hold it up.
Next time. At least it stayed up long enough for the photo.

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