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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bloggy Changes {Who Helped}

Like so many of you gorgeous ladies,
I came to blogland with ZERO knowledge
about how to design my blog.

In addition to that, I had ZERO clue 
on what I wanted it to look like.

After several months weeks of contemplation, 
and some encouragement from my friends Jenna and Ashley
in addition to my AWESOME hubby (DL),
I have braved attempting the changes on my own.

I have chosen a color scheme 
(gray and mint green with some splashes of pink)
that I think represents me well,
plus it goes along with my new little button.

I also made a Featured button because I am going to start featuring some gals more and more.

I thought it might be nice for me to share with you a bit about how I went through these changes.

There are so many amazing tutorials on how to 
create buttons and banners, 
but I had a bit of trouble with backgrounds.

Shabbyblogs did have sooo many that I liked, but for some reason my desktop won't open any blog that has their code.
My Mac will though.
This being the case I didn't want to use one of their designs.

So, I just started typing key terms into Google.
Stuff like:
Free Blog Backgrounds
Free Blog Designs
Free Polka Dot Blog Backgrounds.

I came up with this cool site,,
which is where I acquired my background image.
It came in several colors.

It came with a tutorial, but the design minima is not in my Blogger template choices, so they didn't work.

Back to Google I went with some new key terms:

I eventually came to this SUPER great site.
It has a simple and understandable tutorial
explaining how to alter the design in using the 
new Blogger Template Designer.

WAY EASY!!!!!!

All I had to do now was go into the template designer and change the fonts and colors to the ones I wanted.
I then created a new banner.

(For awesome banner and button help see Nichelle
at Vintage Wanna Bee)

The final extra touch that I added was a Favicon.
You know that awesome mint green and white icon you see in the address bar.

Maria-Isabel at Agape Love posted about 
discovering an amazing tutorial.
Follow this link to Making Life A Bliss
so that you too can ROCK your own Favicon.

So, if you are like me and want something fresh, but not a copy of someone else's blog,
check it out and be brave.

I did have a little glitch where there were 
shadows behind my photos. 
I didn't want this. So I asked Paige from Pink Lemonade 
(She is such a doll) 
and she replied back with an answer in a jiffy.

Remember to ask questions.
The lovely ladies of blogland will answer.

I am sure I will continue to tweak it.
I still want to mess with the tabs and labels.


  1. I love how your favicon turned out, the heart is so cute! Thanks for linking to my tutorial, your website is looking great!

    Kristie @ making life a Bliss


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