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Friday, April 15, 2011

{Frugal Friday} Less than a Dime

What can you get for under a dollar?

Okay, anything at the .99 store, but beside there?

Hmmmmm . . . Well, even a kids strawberry milk at Starbucks is $1.10.
Maybe, a Target brand juice box.
How about .50?

I think that the juice box is .47, so we're good.

What about for less than a quarter. 

Even kiddie toy machines are two quarters now, and sometimes even more.

Well, I know what I got for less than A DIME!!!!!

It came from the FABULOUS Michael's clearance.

It is this here mini canvas.

Yes, it currently has a castle on it, 
but that does not mean I can't completely cover it and make something lovely 
for Mother's Day.

I am pretty excited about this absolute steal.

I did get some other good deals this week, but this was the most

Have you had any frugal luck this week?

Tell me about it.

I love to hear the steals that are out there.
I find it inspiring.


  1. Wow!!! That's amazing!!! It makes me want to go there immediately to see if such steals exist in my Michael's. Alas--must obtain sustenance first.

  2. 9 cents! Wow, at that price they should just give them away! LOL!

  3. awesome... cant buy much for under a dime these days! haha
    I am actually ecstatic about my deals this week! I got over 100 yards of ribbon and lace for under $3 at an estate sale, a changing table for my prego sister for $10, and 5 relatively new xbox games for my hubby for $10!! Sweet deals!

  4. I hope to find some this month! I only leave the house while my mom is in from off-shore... how.sad. :/
    Oh- and Sundays to grocery shop... but... that's not as much fun, ahaha!


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