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Monday, April 11, 2011


You know those days when you receive 
an item in the mail that just makes you happy?

Well, today was that times FOUR!!!

I received so many fun goodies.

Last week See Kate Sew was having a 50% off sale in her ETSY shop.
(I checked and it is still going on)
I picked up some fabric, an owl for Roly Poly's birthday in July, and bows for me.

Then my Aunt Nan sent me our medical history, which includes the results of a recent genetic test.
They have narrowed the gene that carries our families rare heart condition.
Now I can go get tested and find out whether or not I need the boys tested.
This is SUPER important because almost every person in my family has died before 60, or has had a pace maker put in in their 40s.

Then I received my mustache necklace from Little Miss Momma.
She had a great price on Groopdealz last week.

This will be going away until my birthday next month.
It is my gift from the boys.
It's so nice that I get to pick what they buy me.

Finally, the new Land of Nod catalogue arrived.
Inspiration here we come.

Has anything fun arrived in your mail lately?

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