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Monday, April 18, 2011

New Blog--By A MAN!!!!!!!

My super awesome brother-in-law decided to start a blog.

I cannot even explain how excited I am about this.

He is CRAZY awesome.
Jess (AKA Tio) with my Roly Poly


Well, let me tell you why.

He cooks.
He bakes.
He crochets.
He makes soap (using lye)
He can build a mean book shelf.
He thrifts.
He runs.
He sails.
He re-does furniture.
He draws and paints.
He is an amazing man of God.
He loves my sister-in-law to death, 
which is important because she's the closest thing to a sister that I have.
He is brilliant with an odd sense of humor.
He camps and hikes.
He loves to visit his family in Utah.
He is a former professional skate boarder.
He has an engineering degree.

Just check out this phenomenal rocking horse that he thrifted and re-did for Monster's birthday last year.

Okay, so now do you see why he is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, he is one rad guy.

His blog is called Green Fettuccine

He already has some AMAZING recipes and tutorials posted like:

How to make your own pasta

Orange- Habenero Mahi-Mahi

and this manual labor that he did to set up his garden

Please go check Jess out.

I promise you will be excited by the things that this man does.
I would love for him to have a warm welcome in blogland.


  1. Well any friend of yours is a friend of mine! He sounds like a great guy. :)

  2. I went- weird enough I don't think I have ever met Jess, but I am s glad to meet him in blogland!

  3. That rocking horse is gorgeous! I'm heading on over to check it out...
    - Andrea

  4. how awesome! Definitely heading over to follow his blog! :)

  5. Coolio...there are simply NOT enough male glad to have discovered a new one today! Yea!

    xx Cat brideblu


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