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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hair Accessory Mania

Last week I created this as a Guest Post for my friend Jenna at
Copy Cat Corner

I thought I'd share it here, just in case you didn't catch it earlier.

Today I am going to go a bit crazy talking about decorating you HAIR.

Seriously, I am not prejudiced about hair decor.
I find things everywhere to put in my hair.
Just take a look at my stash.

I save ribbons from packages.
Decorations from gift boxes.
Former brooches.
Crochet up left over yarn,
Create my own from paper flowers.
Find the clearance items at Hot Topic, Claire's, and Forever 21.
Pull from silk flowers I have in the home.

Basically, most days I have some sort of something in my hair.
It can range from a flower
to a bow (this is a barrette bow)

to a hat

to a headband or scarf (maybe made from a remnant).
Bandanas are fun too.

Okay, so now that I have shown you what sort of hair accessories I own and where I get them from,
let's discuss some ways that they can be worn.

Don't want to wash your hair?
Maybe you don't want to even brush it thoroughly?

Throw it in a messy bun and add a flower,
or headband,  or something that is a little of both
like Kate from See Kate Sew did in this tutorial.

Now the messiness looks purposeful.

Do you want a little sleeker look?
Make a high pony and add a flower at one side.

Looking for something retro and sexy?
Do some little twists with the top layer and pin them in place.
Then with the remaining hair divide it in two 
and twist together.
Place it in a low side pony and add a flower.
or you can do  a similar thing without the twists

Want to wear your hair down, but add a little something something?
Add a headband, maybe a big one.
The one above has a large starfish on it.

Below is a similar idea with a wintery warm one from my shop.

Just need to keep those bangs out of your eyes?
Simply use an embellished bobby pin or clip and you are ready to rock.

Put on a hat and make a messy bun,
or a low, messy, side braid.

Another retro infused look with small liberty rolls and the rest of the hair down.

Want a mini pomp just to keep those hairs out of your eyes.
Use some bobby pins to secure and add either more embellished
 bobby pins to cover, or a fun bow, or barrette.

Sorry some ideas didn't have pics.
Trust that there are more and more ideas I could share too.
This is merely a taste of what I do, and it was getting long.

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  1. Fun daughter helps keep me hip~~~ well as hip as an almost 50 year old can be! lol

    Thankful for her!

    Have a blessed weekend:)
    Cute photos!

    Kay Ellen


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