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Friday, April 15, 2011

Gender Neutral

One of my former colleagues is expecting her first child.
Tomorrow afternoon is her lovely shower.

Since things are tight on a single income,
I wanted to make her a gift.

I have lots of remnant baby fabrics in my stash,
but most are clearly boy or girl fabrics.

The couple is not finding out the sex of the baby 
until (s)he is born.

Luckily, I had one lone, gender neutral remnant.

It is a green safari print.

Here are the two items I whipped up the other night.

It is a diaper case and a wipe cover 
(you know for those packages of wipes that come in bulk 
at Costco and Target).
I am, of course, adding wipes and diapers to the gift.

I love little diaper holders because they keep the diapers from getting smooshed at the bottom of the bag.

I made this one with a little box style lid and thicker sides
because the one that I purchased for myself from Babies-R-Us 
is an envelope style, 
and it just doesn't fit as many diapers as I'd like.

They aren't EXACTLY what I would have liked to make, 
but they are nice enough.

When the baby is born I will make something gender specific.

I also purchased some cute, gender neutral onesies
to go along with these.

Hopefully, she will like them.


  1. I think she will like them, because I would like them if I was surprising myself with the sex of a baby.

  2. What a cute print and a practical present! Looks fab. :) I made something similar for my friend who is expecting if you'd like to have a look. Green certainly is a popular colour for gender neutral parties! Thanks for sharing. x

  3. I am sure your friend will love these! thanks for sharing!


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