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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anthropologie Anniversary Transformation

We all know that 
the 25th anniversary is the silver anniversary.
The 50th is the golden.
What are the others?

Umm . . .Oh yes, the first is paper, right?

Well, Anthropologie has permanently solved this dilemma for me.

I have discovered that this year, 
year 8, 
was the bronze anniversary.
Ooops . . . I called it the Brass 
the other day in my To Market post.

Maybe, Brass is the poor man's bronze?

Anyway, as some of you may know from reading this post, 
my anniversary was this past Tuesday, April 26,
but life got in the way 
so I got this Anthropologie anniversary project 
done a few days late.

C'est la vie!

This project is actually ridiculously simple.

I picked up this WONDERFUL dish towel on sale at 
Anthropologie about three weeks ago.

I immediately knew that it was going 
to be my anniversary gift to the Cuban Cowboy.

I know you are thinking, 
"ummm . . . that's not very manly."

I know this.

However, each year what I do for our anniversary 
is purchase something for our bedroom,
typically new sheets or a comforter set.

However, we weren't really in need of either at this time.
So, instead I am taking this super cute dish towel 
and I am making something for my bedroom.

Here are the tools:
heat and Bond 
Please ignore the H2O stains on my ironing board.

First, I washed the dishtowel and ironed it nice and flat.

Then I folded the top over about 1 1/2 inches and used Heat and Bond to seal it down.

Next I inserted a thin wooden dowel that I had cut to size
(really, Monster broke it in the car on the way home from Michael's. No saw necessary).

Finally, I attached some twine to each end of the dowel and hung it from a nail in the wall.

New bedroom decor with an anniversary theme.
If you are wondering why the dowel is bowed a bit,
 it is because Monster actually broke it in 3 and I taped it.
I wanted to get the project done within my anniversary week.
I will pick up a new dowel next time I am at Michael's.

Simplicity at its best.


  1. What an awesome idea!! It looks beautiful next to your curtains!!

  2. I really like the towel- it does perfect with your room. What is all this shoppybag stuff I'm getting from you and Andi?

  3. what a cute cute cute idea girl! Love your curtains too!

  4. Super cute! @ Jenna - I have no idea! I just joined because Jayna did... But, I am taking an interest in Pinterest, though I haven't mastered it yet:)


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